Aquarium Askoll Ambiente, a palette of life and colours

Aquarium Askoll Ambiente, a palette of life and colours

17 Apr 2018

Easy to use, thanks to advanced technology used to manage the internal ecosystem, it is lively, coloured and ready to use, provided fully equipped with filter, lighting and heat regulating systems. Set it up according to your taste and create a small corner that expresses your soul.


Change it over time. The system, designed and produced in Italy, can be personalised any way you like: the green handles on the cover can be removed and replaced with other colours (sold separately). Kits are available in yellow and orange (energy kit), brown and violet (elegance kit) or pink and blue (kids kit), making it easy to adapt the aquarium to your personality or home colour scheme.


Zero effort, maximum satisfaction. It's easier to manage than you think: all it takes is a couple of minutes a week to keep the aquarium healthy.

Spend the rest of your time just enjoying it: an aquarium is a constantly changing glimpse of a world that can offer a profound sense of peace, a chance to get away from day-to-day stress.

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