17 Apr 2018

For the joy of children everywhere, Askoll has designed and created some fantastic "blue" and "pink" backgrounds to place inside your aquarium, along with the matching cover handles in blue or pink for the Askoll Ambiente S. Making it easier for your fish to have a new adventure every day.


Aquariums are an endless source of interest for children, as well as having a "hidden" educational value: in fact, they allow them to learn about the behaviour and needs of animals and plants through discovery and play.

This is why it is important to choose a quality aquarium for your children, like the Askoll Ambiente S: its 100% Italian technology will pass the test of time and allow you to create the right environment for your animals. If the fish are healthy and live a long time, the children will enjoy the underwater world much more.


If you also kit the aquarium out with materials and figures associated with their world, they are guaranteed to be enthusiastic! Taking care of aquatic life will soon become a passion and the inspiration for inventing fabulous stories.


There are two creative backgrounds to choose from

  • The little mermaid: a mermaid with a little shark on a lead, swimming near a fairy-tale castle; the setting is animated with lots of fun sea creatures. Ideal for girls who want to admire the sea bed looking for precious pearls, starfish or magnificent and highly coloured aquatic plants.
  • The world of sharks: the sea bed is populated by sharks and octopuses, and other strange aquatic creatures. Swimming amongst them will be a real challenge... For the really brave, there's even a sunken pirate ship to explore in the hunt for hidden treasure, without being scared by the skulls lying around it.


The backgrounds can be placed in any aquarium, but are originally designed for the Askoll Ambiente S. In fact, they come with 2 handles (pink or blue to match the background) which fit the cover of the Askoll Ambiente S aquarium. For a complete change of look.


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