AQUA 2019, Askoll’s here.

AQUA 2019, Askoll’s here.

23 Sep 2019

On October 16th and 17th, Askoll will appear at AQUA 2019, the UK’s aquatics and water gardening trade exhibition. We are guests at the Norwood stand (C32).

Staged every two years at Telford International Centre, the exhibition is the perfect occasion to display to dealers and shop owners the Askoll news and products for the English market:

Askoll PURE Sand, a range of 8 natural decorative types of sand, available in various colours and different grain sizes to create ideal natural habitats and unique atmospheres.

Askoll PURE Ornaments, is a range of decorations dedicated to aquariums, and terrariums. They are hand-decorated, and made out of high-quality resin, without benzenoids. Fishkeepers have plenty of choice to decorate their tanks: smooth stones, sharp rocks, underwater roots and barks, wrecks, branches.

The main focus will be PURE LED XL High Cube, the aquarium that we will launch information to the English market during AQUA 2019. PURE LED XL High Cube (dimensions: cm 76 X 36 X h 57) has a tall vertical shape, thus leaving plenty of scope for aquascaping, in a volume that is perfectly easy to manage.

Thanks to a user-friendly technology that’s perfectly hidden and blends in with the surroundings so as not to disturb aesthetics, Askoll Pure cuts the need for intervention to a minimum. All the user has to do is remember to replace the sponges and the filters contained within the cover at the intervals recommended. It’s as easy as inserting a new capsule into the coffee machine; it takes no more than a few seconds, and there’s no need to even get your hands wet. A programmable timer checks daily that the lamp is lit automatically, thus ensuring the aquatic landscape is illuminated to perfection. PURE LED XL High Cube has a high water circulation, thanks to the pump’s enhanced flow rate (730 L/h), able to filter water more than 4 times per hourThe aquarium is available in two colours, Pure White and Absolute Black.

Shop owners and traders: you have many reasons to come and visit us at AQUA 2019 We will see you on October 16th and 17th, at Telford International Centre, Norwood stand (C32).

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