"Hollywood" effects in your aquarium

17 Apr 2018

What makes every aquarium unique is the world living inside it.

Askoll offers a new range of elements to decorate your aquatic environment and light up the underwater show: scenery is a state of mind, so choose it carefully!


A backlit decorative element with LED lights.

Place it underwater to lend a suggestive aura to the whole aquarium.

It can be inserted just under the level of the sand, under the cover or behind the plants, or even hung or stood upright in the sand: let your imagination run wild.

The element is completely safe to use fully submerged, and looks its best in the dark.

Choose from four different colours.

Moonlight Blue – to create a lunar landscape

Tempting Red – to rouse your passions

Chill out Green – to exalt the colours of the plants with a relaxing tone

Arctic White – to lighten up the aquarium with a cold, clean light

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